Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Telescope for Kids Beginner as a Christmas Gift!

Would you imagine how happy a children when he/she have a telescope?!
Now we invite a girl named Alp who got a telescope as a gift!  Alp is almost 3-year old, she loves reading, exploring.
What do you waiting for, take one as a gift for him/her.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Sales | Check theLAShop Coupon

What do you do when summer is coming? Of course, enjoy the sunshine in my backyard, on the beach, beside the pool, on the hill, even on the road. We dont really want to miss the brighten sunshine, and we dont really want to be burned either.

Patio umbrella, gazebo, pergola & sun shade sail is essential of summer resort. Now theLAShop.com provides you a large selection of outdoor patio umbrella, sunshade sail, outdoor lounge chair, gazebo top replacement, swing canopy, pergola canopy replacement, pool suppliesoutdoor lighting.

wicker lounge chair for outdoor or poolLaying down on a lounge chair under a patio table umbrella, holding a cool drink, which just like you are having a vacation even in a backyard.

This 79" lounge chair is made of wicker which features UV resistant, rust resistant, weather resistant. Comes with an adjustable back & leg for laying comfortably.

Lounge Specifications:
  • Rattan color: Coffee
  • Dimension(overall): 79"L x 28"W x 35 "H
Umbrella Specifications:
  • Umbrella Diameter: 9 Feet (8 Ribs)
  • Umbrella Cover Material180g/sqm UV30+ Polyester
  • Whole Pole Size: 94" Long x 1-1/2" Diameter

 10x10 ft. Waterproof gazebo top canopy
Canopy and sunshade sail could keep you & your family from sunburn & rain. Now we offer you this brand new waterproof universal canopy replacement for 10 x 10 ft. gazebo - the really waterproof gazebo top canopy.
Further more, I bet you would love this unbeatable canopy for the pergola! 2pcs of 15-1/2 ft. x 4 ft. ONLY $44.99. Other colors also available in thelashop.com.

Summer Party is one of part you don't want to miss it! Party tent would be your best choice. Here, you can get 10x10 ft., 10x20 ft. party tent & the frame kit, they are all metal tube for strong support. Their price are very adorable. You & your friends should love it!

A party at night, you won't miss the bling bling lights. Get your creativity started, you will feel so proud for your hand work! Other colors find here.

Umbrella with lights, so romantic beside your pool on the backyard. You deserve to have one, ONLY $64.99, SAVE UP TO 64%. Make this summer perfect!

*More Home & Outdoor product for Summer Sale, check the store: www.thelashop.com

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Washi Tape - 360 degree no dead corner for your house decoration

What’s washi tape? Learn the article from Katie Kavulla.

The surface of washi tape made from natural fibers makes it differently than any other type of stick paper tape. The advantage is there will be absolutely no residue left when torn off, because its viscosity is not too strong. You don’t need to worry about soil the wall or any of furniture.

Now Cute Japanese Washi Tape is widely used for packaging, crafts, and decoration! These masking tape are made of washi paper so they are semi-transparent, have a nice feel and easy to use.  Lots of colors and styles of Japanese tape - get creative - I'm sure you'll come up with creative ways to use these colorful washi paper tapes!

Cute & Colorful Series
Bling Washi Tape
 Heart Bling Washi Tape

Fluorescent Series
 Fluorescent party washi tape

Cool Black White Series
 Black Washi Tape
 White & Japanese Style
no residue left when being torn off is the feature of washi tape. it can reliably adhere to ground, wall or any similar material. now, just start your personalization of your home with this amazing tape!

Here are some references:
1. Make Your Arch Colorful

2. Simple Decorate the Party

3. Make A Photo Wall

4. Mark Tapes
5. Stick A Geometric Figure

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Archery Bow in the Minority

Archery Bows include recurve bow, compound bow and crossbow. Recurve and compound bows difference: Recurve place with your fingers spread, about the direction of the arrow tail prone to swing. Scattering device using compound bow, bow string is always along the direction of integrity, accuracy naturally high.
For a 15 year-old teenager, a youth compound bow could be a fabulous gift. Awesome cosplay of Hungry Game. The most important is archery would be a perfect skill for him or her no matter a junior or beginner.
Recurve bow is much cheaper and perfect for bear hunting, it is much better than handgun or rifle, reduce the noise much more.
The Archery gear is very important for training & exercise. They can protect you from injure.

Archery is become more and more fashionable & popular from a minority sport in the development. Some engineers led the commercial development of new forms of bow including the modern recurve and compound bow. These modern forms are now dominant in modern Western archery, shows more stable and accurate.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why Garbage Disposals?

For a modern kitchen, a food waste disposer is essential. Today's garbage disposals quietly, effortlessly eliminate food waste, keep odors out of your trash and give you a cleaner, more functional kitchen. Better yet, they keep messy, unwanted guests away. Pick the Compact Garbage Disposals home, green option for your life!

Our garbage disposals feature continuous feeding, 1 horsepower with 1~1.2 L large body capacity, high-speed permanent magnet motor and stable structure design leading to low noise, shake a little. The garburators(In Canada) can shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing. You can collect the food waste for feeding the fish, or turn your garbage into plant food while composting!

Oh, maybe someone said you don't need a in-sink garbage disposal, you need a backyard composter only! - Why not? A garbage disposal can save much space, speed up the fermentation! You don't need a yard to compost - you can run a little soil operation in your apartment or condo, or on your balcony using worms or a garbage can or other container. There's a wealth of yard and kitchen 'waste' waiting to be turned into black gold!

Friday, May 22, 2015

TheLAShop Special Coupon for Dancing Poles

Now both static dancing pole and spinning dancing pole are available at TheLAShop.com. We guarantee to import directly from factories, reduce unnecessary costs, for offering you products of good quality and unbeatable price. 

These brand new static dance poles feature an attractive color: purplesilverpink. You can choose the color belongs to you, even suits to your dancing dress. 

Spinning dance pole is perfect for the dancer who practices and challenges difficult movements.

Now, order it, you can get 8% off discount with coupon code “thelashoppole”. Free UPS Ground Shipping! Check it out! Ends on 2015/9/30.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pole Dancing is not about sex

The pole dancing to the people the impression that most of "stripper", "nightclub", "sex". The pole dance what you think maybe like this:

As a matter of fact, pole dancing is true for this, it is not just about sex, but strength.
If you are that girl with a waist like a steel plate, hip like King Kong, without dancing basis. There is no way back once you jump to the pole dancing classes. But pole dancing is that sports which just like tennis, gym, marathon, everyone could be interested, join and enjoy.
Here, we would like to share an App called "Pocket Pole" - beginner section in both still and video format.

Here are the guide line for Pole Dancing
1. Skill Course
Stretch, foreleg press, side lunges, hind leg press, "the frog to lie prone", warm-up and make your body softy. Spins and hooks are the basic skill moves. And on the advanced stage, muscle strength (special for arm, abs and back) is particularly necessary in every moves. In additional, you want beautiful moves, the flexibility would be essential. Most of the motions will stretch you body and make your figure with smooth lines.
For dancing class, teacher will group 2 persons, when one in pole position, the other will protect beside.
Limbering up(side split, center split) your body is that you do on a regularly scheduled basis for every class.

2. Dance Course
The pole dancing is the combination of skill moves and dancing music. Such as Jazz. There are lot of pole dance videos on youtube, but for they are almost the top dancer, we should be careful when mimicking.
3. Attention
Pole dancing fitness is very very easy to get injured. Because the motions are depending on the friction between legs, waist, arms, shoulder and pole. You have to clamp the pole firmly, so it is easily to have bruise & subcutaneous bleeding on that parts which mentions. But this kind of injure just is a piece of cake. Make sure to check pole dancing safety outfits/clothes. Such as ankle protectors, knee pads, leg warmers and DRY HANDS. You can reduce some bruises partly. But thick callus will be always with you.
Difficult movements failure & inadequate preparation will affect joint sprain, serious fall even bone fracture. After all, we are spinning rapidly, doing headstand on the pole, it is not a kidding if we fell down.
Whatever you choose which classes or environment, the most important thing is not the price, the level of students or pole dance trainer, but the self protection on the course.
4. Equipment
A pole - spinning and static! Static poles are fixed and don’t rotate. Spinning poles can be set to rotate and also be fixed in position like a static pole, in classes used and home used, fixed and rotate can be converted in 1 second.

If you would like to install a dance pole at home, safety pole and mat is the base you should own. For the pole, you should first consider the capacity. The spinning dancing pole which we offer to you, it's capacity is up to 440 lbs. Or you can choose the static dancing pole which is about 220 lbs and slightly lower cost than spinning poles . Both of them are made of solid steel.
5. Male pole dancing
Man had amazing genes: naturally muscular legs & arms. For some difficult skill motions, it's just piece of cake to man, but women have to take a long time to train their muscle strength. Maybe some one will consider a man in pole that is some kind of feminine. Just search International Pole Championship men’s division, you will find out they dance in unique style, much neater, with free feeling, unmatched skill. They are interested and attracted by pole dancing.

Anyway, if someone have a prejudice, just show them an Iron X.

At last, check this video, why pole dancing?